Divorce and Recovery
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About Our Program

Children's Program Available
(Ages 6-12)
Tuesday evenings
from 7-9 p.m.
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The first phase of the workshop is based on the video series, "Rebuilding the Castle That Has Come Down" by Dr. William Flanagan, and the popular book, "Growing Through Divorce" by Jim Smoke. Also included in this phase are classroom presentations and small group discussion. Each phase of the program includes specific goals. They are to:

Phase I
Accept the fact that your relationship is ending. Acknowledge your contribution to the breakup. Learn to appreciate the value of forgiveness in the healing process. Find emotional healing.

Phase II (A and B)
Let go of past injustices. Reflect on and learn from your past. Visualize your future. Grow stronger as a single person.

Phase III
Be clear about your preferences in mate selection. Develop a personal plan of action to have healthy relationships. Recognize opportunities for personal growth that your divorce provides. Accept that effort and risk will be required to grow.


Guidance is provided by facilitators who have been through a divorce and have attended the workshop themselves. They have received additional training from experienced facilitators who have participated in the Divorce Recovery Workshop for many years. The leaders are not therapists, lawyers, or ministers. They are ordinary people who have been where you are and have a desire to help you. They can assist you in finding a path to healthy recovery.

Divorce Recovery workshop a time and place for healing. Phone Sheila Francisco @ 321.302.0717

Start a Divorce and Recovery Workshop

For information about starting a Divorce and Recovery Workshop in your area, contact Shelia. Training is available.
The following quotes are from people who have spent time in the Divorce Recovery program. They speak of healing, community, and learning, all elements that can be experienced during the workshop.
"I found that DR helped me re-evaluate my life and gave me direction in how and what I want from a relationship."
"DR has been instrumental in helping me keep things in perspective."
"The facilitators are so helpful and help you to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. DR gives me hope."
"DR What a life saver! A healing experience. A hospital for my broken heart."
"My first session was like a breath of fresh air… to be surrounded by a friendly and considerate group of people who shared feelings that I could identify with."